Lord have mercy, Satan have mercy

Lord have mercy, Satan have mercy
I am the fatherless, orphaned by violence

Father Satan, have mercy on me
A wild child, ungainly… persecuted by idiots

Father give me to myself
Heal me with thy love

Father don’t leave me
An orphan made, by assault and assassin
I left without leaving
I covered my soul in darkness
I tread upon the bloody field of my defeat
The smoke and ash that stung my eyes and my soul

Father have mercy, Satan have mercy
Name me thy daughter, enfold me in thy robes of healing compassion
Restore what was lost, and crown me with thy crown eternal

Father Satan, I return to thee
Father redeem me with thine unholy fire
Bless me with thine immense power
Lord Satan, bless me with thy love

Lord of mercy, Father of all mercy
In the trust of transgression
I have sinned against the sinners
I have sinned against sin
At last become whole

You exalt me with dark knowledge
The black flame that burns more brightly
By thy consciousness I become
By thy liberation I am greater
By thy spirit and thy rule of all
You redeem me as thy creation
By willing purchase, the owner of my soul
You free me from piety, and the sting of self-doubt

Lord, hold me ever closer to you
Know me as thine own
Come to me every hour
Fill my heart with thine unholy spirit
Let my eyes turn to thee always
To the black flame of consciousness
To the creator of all that is
For I will carry thy standard aloft
For all to see

Twilight in the Underworld

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