Live Stream question for E.A. Koetting

Eric reads my question:

Astarte Astaroth says: “I feel the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers each grasping my spine in a row. I felt this yesterday. You know that I don’t really do ceremonial magic at this point. Do you have advice on how I might informally work with their presence?”

Great question, Astarte. If you feel them on your spine, what that means is that they are preparing for possession. Now I wonder if more than one is preparing for possession. Can you feel if it’s a different one? Can you feel the difference between them? I know you can [channeling this information to me]. And so, you can feel which one is coming through most strongly.

Now if more than one is coming through, there could very well be a marriage of spirits within you, that does an interesting thing, and I think probably ought to be documented.

So that’s one of the things I would say to you, Astarte, is to… when you feel it… like any of these things, when you feel it, let yourself fall into it. Don’t avoid it… one thing that’s kind of lost is [when] people lock up… “oh, is this real? Is this really happening?” I would just relax into it, and specifically…

This might sound weird, Astarte, but I think you’ll get it. See if you can breathe from that very spot that you can feel the connection on your spine. See if you can inhale, and exhale, and breathe from like a hole that’s being made, right there, wherever you’re feeling that. And as you do this, you’re going to actually inhale deeper, and pull that spirit into your body more and more, so… Yeah.

Yeah, I know… I definitely do remember that from Boot Camp. And, yeah… As far as informally working with their presence. Once you get their presence, just attuning to it. I would close your eyes and just see what you see when you are connecting with it. Each little trigger point, every stimulus that stimulates us is going to reveal an entire world, an entire universe of perception. So tune into that feeling, and let yourself fall into it.”

As I finished typing out Eric’s answer to my question just now, I felt again the specific spot on my spine which has a pressure that feels like a gentle, insistent opening. I breathed into this place, breathing deeper. It felt this energy enter my lungs. Eventually it moved to my solar plexus, then on down through my things, and eventually my lower legs. I felt in in my third eye next, then very strong in my heart.

I felt it on the top of my head, and now I am feeling it in my throat chakra.

I asked myself, who is here? Abaddon? I just watched a video by Behemoth-X yesterday about his channeling of Abaddon, and I felt this energy then. Is it someone else? No, I feel him. It is Abaddon.

Welcome, I said. Thank you, thank you. Welcome. I am ready. I am ready for what is next. I have done the alchemy of beginning, and now my path shall be revealed, step by step.

I am ready.

I reflected on the specific lesson of having the entrance be through my spine, basically the center of my back, then moving by steps to different parts of my body.

Coming from behind me helps me to not try to interpret this entrance in the way I have in the past. It is something new, not something I anticipate or actively open myself to, expecting a certain result.

Moving step by step through my body helps me to understand the possession in a new way. Not a filling of my body with the bliss of trance, which I already have ideas about (how and what). But a systematic connecting with each area of my body. Step by step I am possessed in a way that I have not anticipated, that I do not expect based upon past experience, enabling new understanding.

I thought to see how much the book of Abaddon (one of the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers) is on BALG. The whole Gatekeepers series in one book is $299, a good price. I checked eBay and there is a new edition of the Abaddon grimoire for $33 (free shipping). But I remembered how little I use the books I have purchased. Immediately I felt the familiar tingling in a large area at the top of my head. No. It will be about ceremonial magic. It will just frustrate me. Do not buy the book.

All that I have to do to “do magic” right now is to open myself to the energies of the entities, which I can do easily now that I am not trying to control and augment these energies.

I feel almost drunken with the relaxation I feel about my ascent. I only have to say ‘yes.’ I only have to allow connection and possession. It gives me the intensity that I have craved all my life. It gives me the meaning and direction I wanted so much, year after year.

How can I put into words what a wonder-ful thing that is happening to me? I need only follow… on and on… and be. It is thrilling beyond all conception. I feel such gratitude, so very very blessed. It cannot be measured my any price, these gifts.

Thank you to my Lord Satan. To Azazel and Belial, to Set.

Thank you to Abaddon. To the entities that have taken an interest in my ascent, who inform every aspect of my transformation.

Thank you.

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