The fire denied

There is a fire under me. The fire has been denied. This fire will only rise when I align myself with it. It has been so long since I knelt to touch the incendiary within, the gift of Prometheus that rises within me. Under the cold blanket of forgetfulness, of denial of self, the coals... Continue Reading →

A vision

I was laying on my bed watching tv when I felt something different inside. I paused the video. I looked at my altar, at my beautiful statuette of Set. I remembered the first time he appeared (astrally) to me, standing next to my altar in late 2021, when I was first studying the occult and... Continue Reading →

The end of suffering

I have been looking back at my life for a couple of days now. I have looked at the long arc of suffering that finally ended when I landed in this, my own sweet apartment six years ago, having finally achieved financial independence from my (alcoholic) husband. I looked at all the suffering, the whole... Continue Reading →

Coming undone

—Image from Duran Duran 'Come Undone" official video— I throw my arms wide and offer myself to the divine ones who are changing me. Take this neediness, this fear, this constant perfectionism with accompanying searing pain of regret. If this is dissolved, I will become something new, something free, something I cannot imagine. Once I... Continue Reading →

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