A vision

I was laying on my bed watching tv when I felt something different inside. I paused the video. I looked at my altar, at my beautiful statuette of Set. I remembered the first time he appeared (astrally) to me, standing next to my altar in late 2021, when I was first studying the occult and magic. A tall creature, with exquisite skin of black. Standing still with his eyes locked on mine.

And then as I pictured him there, he appeared again (astrally), in the same spot, his eyes on mine.

And then I was surrounded by the key astral beings that support my ascent, that are “my team.” I felt their astral hands holding me. Satan on my right, then Azazel, Belial, Set, and at my left, Abaddon.

AbaddonAbaddon… I said inside. You showed up for the end of the gruesomeness. The cleaner. Abaddon is the cleaner.

I howled with laughter! The cleaner. John Reno in La Femme Nikita. The one that shows up at that certain time, who comes to clean up after the carnage. To get rid of the mess. SO FUNNY!! Ha ha ha…

I still felt them all holding me, grasping me. A slow moving, dense magical energy was filling me, flowing into me. There was chakra work, my sacral chakra, my throat chakra, my crown chakra, my third eye. On down my spine.

Then I began to have visions. I saw flowing water washing over a little hillside in a sparsely spaced grove of bare deciduous trees, with dead leaves all over the ground, the water just barely washing over it like a little sheet of moving water.

Then I saw a tunnel. My consciousness opened. It was a very clear astral vision. I was moving. My consciousness (without my body) was sailing rapidly down through the tunnel. My perspective was that of floating quickly through the tunnel. It was made of just barely colorful swirls of energy, with small little clouds or soft mist woven into it, all surrounded by darkness. It undulated, almost but not quite straight.

I tried to see what might appear up ahead in the tunnel, but it went on and on.

As I think of this vision, I interpret it in some fairly concrete ways.

The first, brief part of the vision is about where I am now, in the leafless season before the spring. Not winter, with snow on the ground. But the moment of new life pending, just before life begins to awaken. When the flowing water of regeneration begins to gently flow everywhere, over it all, covering everything.

The tunnel was made of beautiful, completely benign energy. It was as though it was caressing me without really touching me.

The tunnel was distinct, unmistakable. It was like a tunnel made of my consciousness flowing through a tunnel made of divine consciousness, that of the beings that support me.

In the tunnel, it was effortless. There was no activity or navigation required.

I could not see where the tunnel went. From my perspective, floating quickly through it, I couldn’t see beyond the slight bends.

I feel reassured. I cannot see where my life is leading me right now. But there is a direction in which I am being conveyed, without deviation. I can relax, and trust this. I will not be harmed. I am safe. I need only allow myself to be carried along. Along and along to what… I do not know.

But it is the most wonderful feeling I have felt in my entire life.

Now is not the time for action. The book will come eventually. RELAX. It is time to be carried along.

Now is the time to be carried along.

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