Astarte Astaroth

“Expectation is a prison.” —Robert Fripp

I am a Luciferian and Draconian mage, and an initiated Priestess at the Temple of Ascending Flame.


Life for me has always been about the subtle world of energy. 

I love every moment of thrilling energy, increasing energy, directing energy, accumulating the energy that fuels my ascent.


I am a Luciferian and Draconian mage. The Draconian Current is a path of transformation based on the Dragon’s Fire, a manifestation of Kundalini shakti through the Dragon archetype.

I am also a yogi adept with over twenty years experience with intensive KUNDALINI SHAKTI work (bonfire!) and meditation. I am not a “yoga chick.” Don’t piss me off.

I have over twenty-five years of experience with BDSM SEX and advanced sexual techniques. BDSM works directly with what is taboo, chaotic, and repressed, combined with the immense energy and power of awakened kundalini sexuality.


Sooo… How DID a newbie sorceress get a badass name like ASTARTE ASTAROTH? It was given to me by Astarte herself when I idly wondered if this powerful, kickass goddess might be my magical namesake. I got the immediate rush of “YES” energy. Not just Astarte. Astarte Astaroth. Go large from the start. Okay then.


My latest dark, novel length fiction is a m/m slash novella called A Love Made From Evil.

I have a BA in Psychology from the University of California Santa Cruz and an MA in Clinical Counseling from the University of San Francisco.

I currently live in the chaos matrix and destruction portal known as Las Vegas. 

Art by Cambion Art on DeviantArt

LUCIFER: They say what they must sing and say on pain
Of being that which I am and thou art–
Of spirits and of men.

CAIN: And what is that?

LUCIFER: Souls who dare use their immortality,
Souls who dare look the omnipotent tyrant in
His everlasting face and tell him that
His evil is not good!”

― Lord Byron, Cain a Mystery

Twilight in the Underworld

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