Working with the Death Current

A series of excerpts from "THE NECROMANCER: Path of the Descended Masters" (2021) by Conner Kendall Contained herein is a comprehensive journey of the work I underwent and am still going through over numerous years of my life as an adept. Necromancy is the path that I was warned about, its whispers and discussions left... Continue Reading →

What is the Left-Hand Path of Magic?

An excerpt from “Lords and Ladies of the Left Hand Path: Forbidden Practices and Spiritual Heresies” (2012) by Stephen E. Flowers, Ph.D – 800 words, 3.5 minute read – There are two major criteria for being considered a true lord (or lady) of the left-hand path: deification of the self and antinomianism. DEIFICATION OF THE... Continue Reading →

A gift from the void

I miss my online friends. It's almost 11pm and normally I would be in the last of the meeting, which means we would soon be chatting and talking shop. I call them my friends, but really they are acquaintances. People I like, but don't actually, really know. And I am feeling the warm touch of... Continue Reading →

The crucible of bliss

— From the Draconian Ritual Book (2016), by Asenath Mason, p. 177, (emphasis mine) — THE PROCESS OF ASCENT ON THE DRACONIAN PATH: My experience of being transformed by bliss In Draconian rites of invocation the essence of gods and spirits is summoned both into the body and into the mind of the practitioner. This... Continue Reading →

In Satan’s Honor

'Satan in Council' engraving by Gustave Dore, from Milton's 'Paradise Lost.' From 'In Satan's Honor: Satanism and Demon Worship' by Marie RavenSoul The words of Lord Satan: "My warriors, take up your shields for battle, as there are battles around you, and in you, each day. While you may desire peace, the time for peace... Continue Reading →

Draconian Ritual Book

— by Asenath Mason (2016), excerpt regarding the "Call of the Dragon" and the Left Hand Path — The work of the Draconian Initiate is a quest for rediscovery and mastery of our inner "Dragon powers." As Draconian Initiates, we are an integral part of this timeless cosmic force and we possess the same powers... Continue Reading →

Qliphoth: States of Consciousness

—From the Introduction to 'The Qliphothic Trilogy,' by Asenath Mason— The work with the dark side of the Qabalah is a process that embraces and reintegrates each aspect of existence, opening access to the very source of primal power. The Tree of Qliphoth is a working initiatory model that leads to Self-Deification and empowerment. The... Continue Reading →

Qliphothic Trilogy

I received my copy of the Qliphothic Trilogy by Asenath Mason of the Temple of Ascending Flame. I will be descending into the dark world of Sitra Ahra, the Left Hand Path where the psychological and societal forces of chaos and destruction have been exiled by the forces of light from above. The Right Hand... Continue Reading →

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