Morning Epiphany

"Attaching myself to things, attaching things to myself, is a mundane world trap. It is painful. And I don't do pain anymore, unless I am burning it as the fuel for my ascent." I woke up this morning thinking: "I am always trying to figure out what to do with energy." I enjoyed some profound... Continue Reading →

Christianity is a sham

Whoever came up with Jesus was just goofing around, or something. Okay, they were serious, you say. (I know this sounds far-fetched. But there is actually some evidence to question whether the Jesus of the New Testament was a real person, whether many of the events of the New Testament actually happened. I'm talking scholarly... Continue Reading →

Best day ever… EVER

Art by Mateusz Twardoch - NOTE: I am bipolar and I was manic as hell on this day. When I am manic, it feels like everything I've ever wanted is dropping into place. Not that it isn't. But things look different when mundane reality eventually seeps back in a few days (or weeks) later. My... Continue Reading →

Getting real

September 26, 2021 Let's get real. I am rejecting my life before now. I cut the threads when I was working with Arachne. I will trade everything about my world for magic. Is this wise? I do know that there is nothing more important to me than the things I believe I will achieve with... Continue Reading →

Bringing an Agenda to Chaos

What if I brought an agenda to chaos? Trying to turn magic into this certain thing... it doesn't work. I looked, and occult was real. I looked, and saw magic as my new path. Finally, my life would begin. Heartache. The entities come when they want. They come during the day, then ignore me during... Continue Reading →

What is the Left-Hand Path of Magic?

An excerpt from “Lords and Ladies of the Left Hand Path: Forbidden Practices and Spiritual Heresies” (2012) by Stephen E. Flowers, Ph.D – 800 words, 3.5 minute read – There are two major criteria for being considered a true lord (or lady) of the left-hand path: deification of the self and antinomianism. DEIFICATION OF THE... Continue Reading →

Grimoire: My communion with the Dark Gods

Banner from Lucifer Speaks video by Behemoth-X "The key to successful invocation is therefore the ability to let go, turn off the normal defense mechanisms that we use in our daily life, and submit ourselves to the experience in totality." —Asenath Mason, Draconian Ritual Book The Dark Bible by HE XIAOSONG on ArtStation Subtle temple—made... Continue Reading →

I have been enslaved

“LUCIFER: They say what they must sing and say on painOf being that which I am and thou art ― Of spirits and of men. CAIN: And what is that? LUCIFER: Souls who dare use their immortality,Souls who dare look the omnipotent tyrant inHis everlasting face and tell him thatHis evil is not good!” ― Lord... Continue Reading →

Grimoire: Rituals of Blasphemy

The Heresy of Havayothby V.K. Jehannum "Rituals of blasphemy are utilized to rid the mind of Judeo-Christian brainwashing." "In Satanism and similar paradigms of infernal spirituality, rituals of blasphemy are utilized to rid the mind of Judeo-Christian brainwashing. This rite serves that purpose, and its power is not just psychological. Chants to HVHI (Havayoth/Chavajoth/Chavayoth), the... Continue Reading →

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