Grimoire: Set and Naamah

Art by Cambion Art on Deviant Art I felt called to the altar in early evening. I sacrificed a few drops of blood upon the sigils of Set, Naamah, Lilith, and Belial. I raised kundalini through my spine to my crown. I spoke to Set, and he came to my temple, my bedroom by my... Continue Reading →

Best day ever… EVER

Art by Mateusz Twardoch - NOTE: I am bipolar and I was manic as hell on this day. When I am manic, it feels like everything I've ever wanted is dropping into place. Not that it isn't. But things look different when mundane reality eventually seeps back in a few days (or weeks) later. My... Continue Reading →

Grimoire: Rituals of Blasphemy

The Heresy of Havayothby V.K. Jehannum "Rituals of blasphemy are utilized to rid the mind of Judeo-Christian brainwashing." "In Satanism and similar paradigms of infernal spirituality, rituals of blasphemy are utilized to rid the mind of Judeo-Christian brainwashing. This rite serves that purpose, and its power is not just psychological. Chants to HVHI (Havayoth/Chavajoth/Chavayoth), the... Continue Reading →

Grimoire: Evocation of Belial

I have been taking a break from a second daily ritual in the morning. After Belial's teaching, I wanted to do a ritual this morning. I have this evening "off." I added more food offerings to the plate at the altar and took my ritual bath, preparing myself for ritual, scenting my body, and donning... Continue Reading →

Demon King Belial

I was working with the great Demon King Belial in my ritual workings this evening. The sixth day of my work with him, and the last in this series. I took a plate of sweet strawberries to the altar awhile before it was time to begin, and I felt his love in my heart as... Continue Reading →

A gift from the void

I miss my online friends. It's almost 11pm and normally I would be in the last of the meeting, which means we would soon be chatting and talking shop. I call them my friends, but really they are acquaintances. People I like, but don't actually, really know. And I am feeling the warm touch of... Continue Reading →

Qliphoth: States of Consciousness

—From the Introduction to 'The Qliphothic Trilogy,' by Asenath Mason— The work with the dark side of the Qabalah is a process that embraces and reintegrates each aspect of existence, opening access to the very source of primal power. The Tree of Qliphoth is a working initiatory model that leads to Self-Deification and empowerment. The... Continue Reading →

Hindu Tantra and Kabbalistic Judaism

—A selection of excerpts from 'Hindu Tantra and Kabbalistic Judaism' by Alan Brill October 21, 2014— “Tantra is that Asian body of beliefs and practices which, working from the principle that the universe we experience is nothing other than the concrete manifestation of the divine energy of the godhead that creates and maintains that universe,... Continue Reading →

Qliphothic Trilogy

I received my copy of the Qliphothic Trilogy by Asenath Mason of the Temple of Ascending Flame. I will be descending into the dark world of Sitra Ahra, the Left Hand Path where the psychological and societal forces of chaos and destruction have been exiled by the forces of light from above. The Right Hand... Continue Reading →

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