Grimoire: Set and Naamah

I felt called to the altar in early evening. I sacrificed a few drops of blood upon the sigils of Set, Naamah, Lilith, and Belial. I raised kundalini through my spine to my crown. I spoke to Set, and he came to my temple, my bedroom by my altar. I could see him very clearly... Continue Reading →

Best day ever… EVER

Art by Mateusz Twardoch - NOTE: I am bipolar and I was manic as hell on this day. When I am manic, it feels like everything I've ever wanted is dropping into place. Not that it isn't. But things look different when mundane reality eventually seeps back in a few days (or weeks) later. My... Continue Reading →

Bringing an Agenda to Chaos

What if I brought an agenda to chaos? Trying to turn magic into this certain thing... it doesn't work. I looked, and occult was real. I looked, and saw magic as my new path. Finally, my life would begin. Heartache. The entities come when they want. They come during the day, then ignore me during... Continue Reading →

Grimoire: Seth

I felt a few energetic tickles while I was watching TV. I shut off the TV, and took a shower, then settled in front of my altar. I have discovered that Seth (Set, Seth) likes it when I stroke his statue. I stroke down his long nose, and on his funny ears. His arms, his... Continue Reading →

Grimoire: Working with Belial

I called to Belial. I dripped some drops of blood onto his Sigil. I spoke the mantras softly. Then I was silent, and only talked with my mind, as he prefers. He came very gently at first. I opened to him, and offered my body as his temple. His presence remained very gentle. I had... Continue Reading →

Grimoire: Belial, Without a Master

JOURNAL September 10 2021 Art from Iron Cthulhu Apocalypse "100 Songs: Necronomicon / Dead Names" I am so contracted I can hardly breathe. I have met the enemy on the battlefield. The enemy is fear. I drew two cards: The inner and outer path to deal with fear: The World, and the Four of Wands.... Continue Reading →

Grimoire: Ritual with Set

An excerpt from 'Set the Fury of Egypt' (2019), Asenath Mason, ritual by Edgar Kerval Hymns of Adoration to Setekh The following working was inspired by rites of devotion to Setekh, the lord of the red desert. Such manifestations are encountered throught the Tuat, one of the realms that are under his rule. His temple... Continue Reading →

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