Consecrated by His fire

I felt the impression to go to the cemetery, I go there sometimes to sit on a bench under a tree, where the veil between worlds is thinner. I make an offering to the spirits there, a little candle lit and some incense waived. While I was there, I saw a dark shape run across... Continue Reading →

Committing to theistic Satanism

—Estella Canziani 'Satan Awakening His Legions' (1913)— CHRISTIAN TOURISTS Christian tourists are not welcome here. Go get titillated somewhere else. Please leave and take your false god with you. Thank you. I am making a momentous decision, to join the coven of theistic Satanists that I have been working with. To decide to whether I... Continue Reading →

Satan touching me

Satan has touched me before during rituals with him. Once he touched my temple right next to my eye, and I realized later this changed my sight somehow. Today in my ritual, after I was done with opening mantras and offered praise and devotion, my body possessed leaned forward until I was bowing, bowing to... Continue Reading →

You are my sacrament

Lord. Lord Satan. I partake of you. You are my sacrament. Lord. Lord Satan. If you will give this to me. If this is your gift... To fill me magic, with the real, and continuous, and FULL delight of complete soul transformation... to possess me as the genesis and development of my divinity, of my... Continue Reading →

Devotee of Lord Satan

I sat down to do a "ritual" with Satan. Ultimate minimalism. I lit the red candles, low and exquisite light. I said nothing. I only waited. What would happen? As I waited, I felt the intense trance start that I had the first couple of times I worked with Satan. So intense it was so... Continue Reading →

I glorify Thy name, Thou Shining One

I glorify Thy name, Thou Shining One Lord of Righteousness: Spirit Sublime Lucifer, Angel of the Black Sun. I receive Thee. I embrace Thee. Thine Essence-Dark hast bathed my Soul: Baptism of the Black-Light. Thy servant am I. Thou, who art the Infernal God of Truth: Adoration I give unto Thee. Awaken those who have... Continue Reading →

Working with Lord Satan again

I sat down at my altar with no plan. Ave Satanas I began to repeat in my mind. Soon I felt the sensation I felt last time with Lord Satan: my entire chest cavity gets a cool feeling, and I feel a strange sensation like the pressure there is lessening, like there is more room... Continue Reading →

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