More visions

A vision. The latest of several. Having visions is new for me. I usually receive transformative consciousness as energy in my body.

The primary, initial vision: I am a huge energy being at least four to five times bigger than my mundane body size. I am “floating,” with energy rippling outward in all directions, emanating like a huge aura from the semi-permeable boundaries of my being.

Today, experiencing this more fully, seeing also…

Seeing rippling fire in my mind, black flame surging about, all surging this way in great rippling curls, then shifting to surge in another direction. Endless waves and curling curtains of black flame.

The black flame of consciousness.

Then the gyre above me. Like a great gray and perfectly circular cloud in the dark and silent dark, a very small dark impression at the center, it reminds me of a mill or grind stone as it is slowly moving clockwise above me.

I have seen gyres several times now. The mill stone is a huge clue. I remember as a child, looking at the old grind stone leaning against the back of my grandfather’s shed. A small stone used to sharpen along its edge is called a grind stone. A stone laying on its side grinding grain against another stone is called a mill stone.

The gyre I keep seeing is laying flat and quite large, like a mill stone (at a mill house).

The circular mill or grind stone goes around and around, obviously. It is designed to apply a constant pressure to something. If this is a communication to me about my ascent, it would be that my process is cyclical, rather than linear, and that the force/heat of my transformation consists of a constant pressure, which creates a gradual, steady change.

But in this vision, the gyre is above me, not touching me. I am not even directly underneath it. I don’t think the gyres I have seen in other visions were touching me either. What does it mean?

Twilight in the Underworld

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